The Friends of the “Shamrock” Hydrangea Collection




Extract from the statutes of the Association

The Friends of the “Shamrock” Collection is an association governed by the French law of 1 July 1901. Established 13 May 1994. Recognised as a National Plant Collection Manager by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

” The purpose of this Association is to promote knowledge of the genus Hydrangea and the conservation, upkeep, propagation, safeguard and development of the collection of hydrangeas (species, forms, varieties and cultivars) assembled by Corinne Mallet. This collection is of world interest and importance.”

The association’s activities include, amongst other things, expeditions, research, the conservation and continuous expansion of a library, a collection of photographs, a herbarium, an international computer database, and scientific archives resulting from research carried out by the author of Hydrangeas: species and cultivars, Vols. 1 and 2, and of other books and articles about the genus Hydrangea (see page on Corinne Mallet).

To become a member: * contact us by email or letter (details below), or at one of the many plant events in which the Association takes part, or at the Collection during the periods when it is open to the public.

The annual membership fee, is

France:  Individual €25, couple €35, professional €100.

Rest of Europe: Individual €30, couple €40, professional €120

UK: Individual £25, couple £35, professional £100

USA & world:  individual $50 couple $70, Professional $200.


Membership entitles you to:

    • one or more free visits of the collection
    • the Association’s annual Journal (in French or English), available on the website,
    • free advice,
    • three cuttings of three varieties per year.

At present the Association has 140 members, one third of whom are outside France.


To obtain a membership application form:

Email address:


    • Bank cheque to the order of « Association Shamrock ».
    • PayPal payment

ubject to approval by the Administrative Council.